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A blog for all things 60s.
(With a pinch of 70s thrown in for good measure.)

Since this blog was originally created as somewhere to put all my GIFs of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In , there will be a lot of that show (hopefully as well as The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, which is another under-appreciated show from the 60s.)

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Sunset Strip billboard for Joni Mitchell’s Blue, released June 22, 1971. 

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"There was a fragility in her, and the emotions were very close to the surface: scratch her and get to an emotional color right away. There’s something breathless about her, and you can feel a kind of quivering just below the surface, a very appealing and vulnerable part of her. She had it in person. There was a kind of breathless vulnerability. You want to say, ‘everything’s going to be okay.’" Sydney Pollack 

Happy Birthday, Natalie Wood (July 20, 1938 - November 29, 1981) 

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The Velvet Underground, 1966

Natalie Wood in Cannes, for Cannes film festival, 1962. Photo by Paul Schutzer

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The Monkees on Laugh-In (1969)


Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg on the set of Performance, 1968


Nina Simone performing at the Harlem Cultural Festival (1969)

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Stewardesses for Braniff Airlines

born july 7, 1940 - happy birthday, richie! ♥

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Jenny Boyd, 1970

Taken from my original liner notes to Fleetwood Mac’s album Kiln House

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